The Shadow Men sample

Friday 10 September, 2021

The Shadow Men sample

Autumn 2015 roared in on Glasgow with biblical fury. It had been a mild, dry summer with rainfall well below the historical average, but as September arrived, the heavens opened their reserves and spared no effort in making up for lost time. Gale-force winds pummelled the city, the Clyde threatened to burst its banks, and flood warnings were issued for low-lying areas. Mother Nature, it seemed, was determined to inflict a reckoning for sins as yet unatoned for - a reckoning which, judging by the unrelenting ferocity of the assault, would not be complete until blood had been spilled.

On the night of Tuesday the eighth of September, Mother Nature got her wish.

Can’t wait for The Shadow Men to be released on 18th October? This exclusive sneak preview should help tide you over. The prologue and first chapter are now available, so if you’d like to get an early head start, head over now and meet some of the main players in what is set to be criminology lecturer Anna Scavolini’s most beguiling case yet.

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