Interview with Anna Scavolini

Wednesday 11 September, 2019

Interview with Anna Scavolini

Anna Scavolini, protagonist of my McIlvanney Prize-nominated debut novel, IN THE SILENCE, recently sat down with Suze Reviews to answer some questions about herself. She wasn’t the most cooperative of interviewees, perhaps, but I think her answers are quite revealing of her character.

What was it like coming back after ten years away?

Well, on my first night back in town, I stumbled over an old schoolfriend bleeding to death in Kelvingrove Park, and pretty quickly found myself getting involved in the hunt for a serial killer, so it wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. But it did make me realise something: that Glasgow is and always has been home, and that I’ve still got unfinished business with the place.

Read the full interview.

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