Cruel Summer locations guide

Thursday 3 September, 2020

Cruel Summer locations guide

Hot on the heels of my locations guide for In the Silence, here’s the breakdown of the key locales for its sequel, Cruel Summer. As with its predecessor, the linear nature of this guide means that it inevitably gives away some spoilers, so if you haven’t read the novel yet, proceed with caution!

Princes Square Shopping Centre
Ryland has his meeting with the “Poison Dwarf” here in the prologue.

North Street
The fictional Neptune House, where Zoe works as a cleaner, is located on this street overlooking the M8 motorway.

Central Station
Zoe catches a train home from here following her latest disastrous job interview.

Dumbarton Road
Zoe and Carol’s flat is located here, close to Partick Station.

West Nile Street
The fictional Casa Mona tapas restaurant, where Zoe encounters Anna and her colleagues, is located here.

The Merchant City
The trendy Merchant City, home to the fictional Madeira Bar and Restaurant, where Zoe encounters Ryland and Jasmine, is located here.

McDonald’s Trongate
Zoe tends to Jasmine’s injuries in the toilets of this fine eatery.

London Road Police Station
DS Rona Cauley is based here, and Zoe and Jasmine come here to report Ryland’s assault of Jasmine.

Partick Community Centre
Zoe attends the self-defence class with Jasmine — and encounters Fin for the first time — here.

The diner
The diner Zoe and Fin visit doesn’t exist in real life, but in the novel is located in the triangular “island” bordered by Benalder Street, Castle Street and Partick Bridge Street south of Byres Road.

The Clyde Arc
Also known as the Squinty Bridge, this is where Zoe and Fin eat chips and hatch their plan to take down Ryland.

Exhibition Centre
Zoe and Fin go their separate ways at this railway station after forming their pact.

The Mitchell Library
Zoe carries out much of her research into Ryland’s past in this iconic library.

Charing Cross
Zoe pours over her notes and (eventually) catches a train home from this station.

Ryland’s home is located on the outskirts of this affluent village south of Glasgow.

West Regent Street
The fictional G-Spot bar, where Zoe meets up with Fin, is located here.

Victoria Park
Zoe is dragged to this park in Whiteinch by Carol for an afternoon of boredom.

Riverside Museum
Zoe and Carol visit this transport museum south of Partick on the second day of their “quality time” weekend.

Queen Street Station
Zoe catches a train to here after storming out on Carol and Anna.

Gordon Street Bier Halle
Zoe learns about the Glasgow crime scene over drinks with Fin in the outdoor section of this traditional German beer hall.

White Street
The flat Fin claims to share with a bunch of students is on this street, close to Byres Road.

The High Court of Justiciary
Gavin Price’s trial is held here.

Kinning Park
Ryland visits the fictional library in this suburb on the Southside of the city.

Ryland’s birthplace and home of the fictional Royal Arms pub, where Zoe witnesses Ryland conspiring with Gordon Tannahill.

Clarence Drive
Anna’s house is at the eastern end of this street, close to Hyndland Road.

Cleveden Road
The Price family home, where Gavin is rumoured to be hiding out, is located somewhere near the southern end of this road.

The fictional police station where Zoe is question following Carol’s abduction is located somewhere in this area.

Cross Park
Zoe encounters Jasmine touting for business at the entrance to this park on Crow Road.

Carol is found in the boot of an abandoned car in a scrapyard near to this North Lanarkshire town.

Monklands Hospital
Carol is taken here after being rescued.

Amarone Ristorante
Cauley learns the truth about Ryland from Vasilico at this upmarket Italian restaurant in the city centre.

Glasgow Harbour Terraces
Vasilico’s upmarket riverside apartment is located here.

Argyle Street
Zoe waits for Jim Cottrell’s men here, under the M8 bridge.

The Gray Dunn Biscuit Factory
Zoe’s meeting with Cottrell takes place in the shell of this now-demolished building.

Pitt Street
The fictional Strathkelvin Police Force’s headquarters are located here.

The McLennan Arch
Ryland and Strickland use this landmark as their meeting point.

Bath Street
Zoe stands here on the bridge over the M8, contemplating her future, in the final chapter.