In the Silence locations guide

Sunday 30 August, 2020

In the Silence locations guide

Have you ever wanted to know where a particular scene or event in In the Silence takes place? Wonder no more with this handy locations guide! Read on for a list of key settings from the novel, complete with corresponding Google Maps links so you can scope them out for yourself using the Street View feature!

I’ve done my best to avoid any major spoilers; however, the chronological nature of the list inevitably means that it ends up walking you through many of the major beats of the plot. You have been warned!

Kelvingrove Park
The prologue and several other key plot points take place here.

Queen Street Station
Anna arrives here by train in the first chapter.

George Square
Anna’s taxi circles this square as she heads to meet Zoe.

Argyle Street
Anna meets Zoe in this vicinity. The fictional Pulse nightclub is also located somewhere around here.

The Kelvin Way
Anna and Zoe are walking north along this road when they hear a scream coming from the nearby park.

Gibson Street
The all-night café Anna and Zoe head to after leaving Pulse is located here.

The fictional police station where Anna is taken is located somewhere in this area.

Zoe and Victor live on the fictional Astley Street somewhere in the north of this area, close to the golf course.

The Necropolis
Renfield’s flat overlooks this ancient cemetery in the east of the city.

Glasgow University
Several key events take place here, starting with Anna’s meeting with Gavin Price.

The fictional Anytime Fitness Gym where Renfield works is located in this town south of Glasgow.

Anna visits Juliet Foley’s house on the fictional Kirriemuir Road in this suburb north-west of Glasgow. The house is in the vicinity of the Manse Burn and Newkilpatrick Church.

Ross Garvey’s house is located somewhere in this residential area in Glasgow’s Southside.

Ashton Lane
The fictional Common Room bar where Anna and Mark have their heated debate is located on this cobblestoned lane near the university.

Calton Barras
The exact part of the East End where Renfield picks up Mandy, the young sex worker, isn’t explicitly stated, but I imagine it to be somewhere in the Calton Barras area.

St Lucian’s
The church where the memorial service for Andrew Foley is held doesn’t exist, but I imagined it as being just off the Boclair Road that runs out of Bearsden, around where the New Kilpatrick Cemetery is situated in real life.

The Southern General
The old Southern General Hospital which Anna and Norton visit no longer exists, but the new South Glasgow University Hospital in Govan was built on the site of the original building.

Lynedoch Place
Tony Guilfoyle’s house is located here.

Kelvinbridge Subway Station
Anna catches a train here after fleeing Guilfoyle’s house.

Hillhead Subway Station
Anna gets off the train and encounters Mark Westmore here.

The Grosvenor Café
Anna and Mark go for coffee in this café above the Grosvenor Cinema.

Roxburgh Street Bus Stop
Anna tells Mark about what happened to her when she was sixteen at this bus stop on Byres Road.

Buchanan Street
Renfield finds his way to this busy pedestrian street in the city centre during his long, aimless wander.

This heavily deprived area of Glasgow doesn’t exist in real life, but is situated somewhere in the northeast of the city.

Anna visits the fictional police station in this Glasgow neighbourhood following her conversation with Paul Docherty.

The Trongate Steeple
Also known as the Tolbooth Steeple, this iconic clock tower overlooks Gavin Price’s apartment.

Buchanan Street Bus Station
Anna heads here to catch a bus to the airport following her falling-out with Zoe.

Dumbarton Road
Carol’s flat is located here, close to Partick Station.

Waxy O’Connor’s
Gavin Price and Andrew Foley go drinking here in the flashback, following Foley’s return to Glasgow.

Park Terrace
The house where the fateful party took place a decade prior to the events of the novel is located on this street overlooking Kelvingrove Park.

An Clachan Café
This is the café where Gavin whiles away the afternoon in the flashback.