The Library Murders blog tour round-up

Thursday 27 August, 2020

The Library Murders blog tour round-up

The Library Murders’ blog tour is over! I’ve got a couple of additional treats lined up, and hope to share more soon, but for now, I want to take a moment to thank all the brilliant bloggers who reviewed my ramblings, and Heather Fitt and Overview Media for arranging the whole thing.

And now a few highlights from the tour…

Avonna Loves Genres gives it an incredible 5 stars and calls it “as much a study of human interactions with others and the repercussions as well as a deftly plotted murder mystery.”

Blogging with Carol gives it 4 stars, saying “This book is action-packed. It carries a good bit of momentum that isn’t always seen in a book of this type. It has a strong pace that carries you through the pages briskly.”

The Word is Out awards it 4.5 out of 5 and calls it “a highly engrossing and original story which kept my interest throughout… although for lots of reasons I’m not sure I’d want to ever visit a library again!”

Literacy Indulgence thought that “the plot line was brilliant - you were given just enough information to make you think about what is going on; the character development was awesome, the difference from the beginning Alyssa and the end Alyssa is astonishing, and you can’t help but love Davy!”

a href=”” target=”blank”>Tea Books & Biscuits says that it “does keep you guessing right till the end and I’d bet that not many people will be able to work out who the perpetrator is, I certainly didn’t!”

In Mrs Brown’s Books’ assessment, “[a] series of shootings in a library opens the book with a bang and the reader continues on this explosive journey to the final conclusion.”

Simply Suze Reviews calls it “a joy to read - an intelligent, often humorous, well crafted crime thriller which will keep you turning the pages.”

Beyond the Books says it “ramps up the tension and doesn’t let go at all”, calling it “as far removed from a cosy murder mystery as it could be”.

Once Upon a Time Book Blog “was really impressed with this story and its execution” and “will now be on the lookout for future books from” yours truly.

The Irresponsible Reader says “I was riveted. I found myself invested almost from page one into what happened to Alyssa, Davy and the lead detective—not just as it regards the Library Murders, but beyond that.”

Cheekypee Reads and Reviews says, “From start to finish this was a great read.”

Bookish Jottings gives it 4 stars out of 5 and describes it as “a brilliantly paced thriller spiced with nerve-twisting tension, spine-tingling chills and intelligent wit that will keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout.”

And last but certainly not least, booksbehindthetitle gives it a stupendous 5 stars and calls it “a riveting tale that will entertain, thrill and delight you.”

Thank you one and all!

And for those of you who’ve had their appetites whetted by these reviews, you can grab a copy of The Library Murders on Kindle at the early bird price of £1.99/$2.99 on Amazon!

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