The Library Murders — Alyssa Q&A

Friday 28 August, 2020

The Library Murders — Alyssa Q&A

I mentioned yesterday that I still had one or two Library Murders-themed treats still to unveil, and here’s the first: an exclusive interview with the novel’s protagonist, Alyssa Clark, courtesy of Suze Reviews! This one’s in the same format as the one Suze did with Anna Scavolini, the protagonist of my main series, last year, and I’m happy (I think) to report that Alyssa is every bit as frustrating an interviewee as Anna was!

Hi Alyssa, welcome to Suze Reviews and thank you for agreeing to talk to me. I wasn’t sure that you would because I read that you weren’t very happy with your interview with the Tribune?

Yeah, well, I said I’d give you ten minutes… but I’ll tell ya right now, my dude, if you’re gonna start asking me a bunch of pseudo-psychological mumbo-jumbo about what happened to me - y’know, trying to peer into my soul - then I’ll be out that door before you can say “holy shitballs”.

Read the full interview here!