In the Silence rides again!

Tuesday 3 August, 2021

In the Silence rides again!

After a short delay, the Kindle edition of In the Silence is now once more available, with all links updated to point to the new version. The existing reviews haven’t been carried over yet, but I’m hopeful that situation will be rectified soon.

In addition to featuring new cover art, this new edition contains additional material not present in the original publication. In republishing the novel myself, I took the opportunity to reinstate a small amount of material that was removed during the final editing process and which I was always a bit sorry to lose. These additions don’t fundamentally alter the nature of the book, but I think they help to flesh out some of the characters a bit more, particularly Zoe and her brother Victor.

If you’re interested in reading some background information on both the process of writing In the Silence and the rationale behind this “director’s cut”, I’ve made the same notes contained in the book itself available on the website.

A new paperback edition, featuring the same revised text, will be available at a later date.

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