In the Silence reviews round-up

Tuesday 2 April, 2019

In the Silence reviews round-up

“This is splendidly written stuff, triumphing in a variety of areas - not least that of its dialogue, which is idiomatic and vivid (overcoming the hurdle at which many contemporary crime novels fall).” — Barry Forshaw, Crime Time

★★★★★ “M.R. Mackenzie has created an impressive first novel with In The Silence and an intriguing lead character in Anna Scavolini.” — Noel Megahey, The Digital Fix

★★★★★ “This thriller actually had me from the beginning. I really hope that we see Anna again in other books by this author.” — Laura Hundley, Goodreads

★★★★★ “I was so blown away by this book. I expected it to be good, but I. Loved. It.” — Ashley Gillan, Goodreads

★★★★★ “An awesome page turner set in Glasgow. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a great mystery.” — Maureen C, Netgalley

★★★★★ “I lost a fair bit of sleep because I genuinely didn’t want to put this book down, it’s twists and turns like a rollercoaster of a ride.” — Marjorie Hall-Venmore, Goodreads

★★★★★ “Oh boy, I was so hooked by this book, the story was intriguing and gripping, I found the book unputdownable!” — Karolyn W, Netgalley

★★★★★ “A thrilling read - and one which took me by surprise as, for a debut novel, it has hidden depths!” — Grace J,

★★★★★ “How quickly I read this book shows how much I enjoyed it and wanted to see what happened next. I really couldn’t guess.” — Aggie,

★★★★★ “A fantastic murder-mystery story set In Glasgow.” — Brian M, Netgalley

★★★★ “I can honestly say that [Mackenzie’s] debut novel In The Silence (2018) is excellent. It’s right up your alley if you’re fan of gialli such as What Have You Done To Solange? (1972) and/or murder/mysteries in the vein of a modernized Agatha Christie.” — Daniel Sardella, The Danman Can

★★★★ “I was intrigued from the start and that interest kept me entertained and hooked right through to the end.” — Donna Maguire, Donna’s Book Blog

★★★★ “An intense and tightly woven mystery.” — Rosemary S, Netgalley

★★★★ “Kept me guessing right to the end. For a first novel it ticked all the boxes; I will definitely keep an eye open for more.” — Tracy W, Netgalley

★★★★ “A gripping novel well worth reading.” — Sharron Machin, Goodreads

★★★★ “I thoroughly enjoyed In the Silence which has a good line in Glaswegian patter and an intriguing plot with several good twists.” — Elaine Tomasso, Goodreads

★★★★ “I was hooked from the beginning and kept guessing (wrongly) until the end.” — Rachel H, Netgalley

★★★★ “This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!” — Meagan L, Netgalley

★★★★ “There are a number of twists and turns throughout the book which keep you guessing until the end. Recommended.” — Lee C, Netgalley

★★★★ In The Silence is a dark and chilling read which makes for a very solid debut novel.” — Sarah H, Netgalley

★★★★ “The author managed to keep me guessing right to the end as to who was behind the attacks and their motives. Trust me it won’t be what you expect.” — Mandie G, Netgalley

★★★★ “There are so many twists and turns to this book which kept me guessing until the end. This is a good murder and a very good debut. Look forward to his next book.” — Peggie B, Netgalley

★★★★ “A compulsively readable story that gets you in its grasp and refuses to let go!” — Lou,

★★★★ “The novel builds up to a huge crescendo, and there were several moments where I was holding my breath, floored by the twists and turns until the killer is finally revealed.” — Kate E, Netgalley

★★★★ “This was a debut that I thought was really engaging. I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on what M.R. Mackenzie writes next.” — Jacob Collins, Goodreads

★★★★ “Wow, this is a debut! Seriously!” — Zoé-Lee O’Farrell, Goodreads

★★★★ “This is one of those books that really gets under your skin. I hadn’t read anything previously by this author but I will definitely be looking out for anything in the future.” Melisa B, Netgalley

★★★★ “An intriguing, fast read that had me guessing who the killer was throughout, with a satisfying, final conclusion.” — Sassy B, Goodreads

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